Beaniess are back !

Beanies are back!

In the way that only a beanie can, the cashmere beanie has hit the runways as can make any outfit look stylish and add an edge. Not only do they look good but unlike other hats,  you can slip them in your bag or jacket without having to worry about leaving it at the office, café or bar.

Classic or bright …everyone loves a beanie.  

Fashion Knitwear 2022

As sustainability continues to be a key buzz word this season – take note. It is all about recycled, glamorous and long term fashion picks to fill your wardrobe. Gone as the days of cheap fast fashion with chemical dyes that irritate skin and cause land fill. It is all about natural yarns.

This trend continues with preloved clothing, natural yarns and sustainability being key. Guess what.. that makes cashmere King and Queen on the runways. The natural colour palette also is a must, creams, camel, khaki are the must haves of the season clashed with a touch of bright purples, pinks and yellow.

Natural, bio-degrable and sustainable with a luxurious feel, the fashion houses Proenza Schouler, Bottega Veneta, and Chanel can not get enough of it in their latest collections!

Some of our favourite ways to style knitwear include dressing up an outfit with a scarf, hat, long gloves and cashmere tank tops .