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Fashion Trends 2021 – Pastels are in..

There is no getting away from it, whether you like it or not…this year – it is all about pastels.

On every catwalk, the key designers, Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Siriano, Prada, Gucci  have all included pastels in their collections. 

Some people love their pastel look, but for those who are not such great fans, it is easy to add just a bit of pastel to your look. A hat, gloves or a bag – take your pick and enjoy your pastel colours this year!


Fashion Trends 2021 – Pastels a key part of your wardrobe

Tartan makes a comeback in London Fashion Week

Yes it is true tartan is the new fashion trend ( although it has been around for years..)

It was animal prints, sequins and tartan that dominated London Fashion week with the styles running through the mens and women’s catwalk shows. With Winter coming, London set the tone for bright and luxury knitwear that will blow away the autumn blues. There were tartan PVC macs, suits and hats. However if you want to add just a touch of tartan be sure to wear one of our luxury Scottish Cashmere Tartan scarves which will always be on trend.

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Cashmere Tartan Scarves

London Fashion Week – it’s all about Tartan

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