Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends 2023

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends 2023

This season is all about the country tweeds, naturals and add a splash of colour to those outfits.

Autumn and Winter tend to bring out those warmer colours of browns, caramels. beige and creams and this season it is the hot look. Trend colours include: mocha, choca, nutmeg, caramel and dusty brown. You will see them across the catwalks all this season.

These traditional patterns will include a colour borders to bring the designs in to this century rather than remaining in the past, not neons but more reds, greens, pinks and rainbows.

Accessorise with a brightly coloured hat, scarf or gloves.


Make someone feel special this Winter

A philosopher once said ‘ It is not what you say, what actions you do but it is how you make that person feel’.

So if you want to make someone feel really special – gift them with cashmere. Soft, sensuous and luxurious, it is the perfect present to gift them.

From the moment this opulent gift arrives in its Scottish Cashmere bag you know you are onto a winner.

Once the softness and natural fibres of the cashmere touches their skin, it gives a feeling of luxury and love. Whether it be a a pair of socks, hat, slippers, jumper or poncho – you know you will make that unique someone feel special. So go on an treat someone you love…

knitwear 2022
Cashmere 2022

Beanies are back – it is all about Cashmere Hats !

In the way that only a beanie can, this style of cashmere hat has hit the runways as they can make any outfit look stylish and add an edge.

Not only do beanies and cashmere hats look good but unlike other hats,  you can slip them in your bag or jacket without having to worry about leaving it at the office, café or bar.

Classic or bright …everyone loves a cashmere beanie.

Fashion Knitwear 2022

As sustainability continues to be a key buzz word this season – take note. It is all about recycled, glamorous and long term fashion picks to fill your wardrobe. Gone as the days of cheap fast fashion with chemical dyes that irritate skin and cause land fill. It is all about natural yarns.

This trend continues with preloved clothing, natural yarns and sustainability being key. Guess what.. that makes cashmere King and Queen on the runways. The natural colour palette also is a must, creams, camel, khaki are the must haves of the season clashed with a touch of bright purples, pinks and yellow.

Natural, bio-degradable and sustainable with a luxurious feel, the fashion houses Proenza Schouler, Bottega Veneta, and Chanel can not get enough of it in their latest collections!

Some of our favourite ways to style knitwear include dressing up an outfit with a scarf, hat, long gloves and cashmere tank tops.

Fashion Cashmere 2022

Fashion Trends 2021 – Pastels are in..

There is no getting away from it, whether you like it or not…this year – it is all about pastels.

On every catwalk, the key designers, Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Siriano, Prada, Gucci  have all included pastels in their collections. 

Some people love their pastel look, but for those who are not such great fans, it is easy to add just a bit of pastel to your look. A hat, gloves or a bag – take your pick and enjoy your pastel colours this year!


Fashion Trends 2021 – Pastels a key part of your wardrobe

Tartan makes a comeback in London Fashion Week

Yes it is true tartan is the new fashion trend ( although it has been around for years..)

It was animal prints, sequins and tartan that dominated London Fashion week with the styles running through the mens and women’s catwalk shows. With Winter coming, London set the tone for bright and luxury knitwear that will blow away the autumn blues. There were tartan PVC macs, suits and hats. However if you want to add just a touch of tartan be sure to wear one of our luxury Scottish Cashmere Tartan scarves which will always be on trend.

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Cashmere Tartan Scarves

London Fashion Week – it’s all about Tartan

right Burbury, IMAX

Prince Harry and Megan Markle visit Scotland

Prince Harry and Megan dressed in Tartan and Scottish Cashmere visited Edinburgh facing a day out in the cold.
The Scottish Cashmere Company was there to see the couple greet all the fans and supporters on a cold morning in Edinburgh.

Meghan and Harry’s trip marked their first official joint visit to Scotland. During their visit, the pair learned more about organisations that work in the local community and nationwide, and celebrate youth in the Scottish Year of Young People 2018.

Prince Harry and Megan went on to visit the famous Edinburgh Castle and finally moved on to the New Town to visit Social Bite, a social enterprise cafe which distributes 100,000 items of food and hot drinks to homeless people across Scotland each year. They we wished all the best for their forthcoming wedding by all their fans, onlookers and the Scottish Cashmere Company

Written by: Scottish Cashmere Company

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Prince Harry and Megan Markle visit Scotland