Our Story

Based in Hawick, Scotland ‘ The home of cashmere’ the Scottish Cashmere Company was set up to revolutionise cashmere. Our aim was to keep the luxury feel of cashmere but add our own unique style. So we set about taking traditional cashmere styles cutting, shaping and styling them with buttons, fabrics and studs to create some truly luxurious cashmere designs.

Each of our cashmere pieces are individually made using the finest cashmere. Our talented Scottish seamstresses hand sew on all the buttons, trimmings and studs. This makes each luxurious piece of cashmere unique and nearly all of our styles are limited editions. We use all types of buttons and materials including vintage collections and on occasion only make one bespoke garment.

It may be the soft Scottish waters, the unique craftsmanship or the rare and precious yarns – whatever it is, from the first time our Scottish cashmere touches your skin you won’t want to take it off!


There is a reason why luxury designers including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Burberry choose Scotland to make their cashmere collections.

Luxurious, rare and precious, there is something special about Scottish Cashmere – may be it’s the soft Scottish waters, the hand made touches or the ethically sourced finest quality yarn. Whatever it is, from the first time our Scottish cashmere touches your skin, you won’t want to take it off.

We are proud to sell our luxurious cashmere products as they are made by some of the finest craftsmen and craftswomen within the Scottish Mills. We believe that by using the finest cashmere yarns, their traditional Scottish cashmere skills and paying great attention to detail, we can create a superior luxurious cashmere product as well as supporting traditional Scottish mills and this beautiful area of the Scotland where I grew up.

Mill Story

Our cashmere is made in the heart of Scotland and the home of the cashmere mills in Hawick. These mills have a long heritage and have been making cashmere for over 200 years.In the 1700’s woollen manufacturing really took off in Hawick on the border of Scotland. And by the mid-1870s it was booming and there were over 250 woollen mills in Scotland, at this time the Borders contained over half of Scotland’s spinning capacity, as well as over 40% of its powered weaving capacity and factory labour force.

These mills have been employing local Scottish families for generations and their master craftsmanship. Currently we use the northern mill to do our dyeing, spinning and weaving and mill in Hawick to make our knitwear.



The reason that Hawick and other Borders towns became so prominent in the woollen industry is largely due to their geographical position. Firstly, they all lie on fast-flowing rivers, allowing water power to be used to drive industrial machinery and to wash wool. Secondly, Hawick, Galashiels and Selkirk are all situated on the main road from Edinburgh to Carlisle – and the coming of the railway between 1849 and 1862 provided further links to both major cities, and subsequently on to London. This helped both the distribution of finished products and the bringing in of fuel for engines and boilers, as steam power gradually replaced water power for the working of the mills.


We choose only the finest quality and carefully selected fibres. These are hand washed in our soft Scottish waters before being sent to quality control. We then select only the finest, longest fibres to ensure our products will be soft, delicate and stand the test of time.

Our cashmere undergoes 20 individual processes that are all inspected by hand. Each piece has to pass quality control at every stage of the process and if not, it is rejected and has to be remade. Only by using the finest fibres, skills, soft Scottish waters to wash the yarns can we create and produce luxurious cashmere items. It is these unique fibres that allow our cashmere products to resist pilling, feel like silk and hold their shape from season to season.

We import our Angora products from Asia which are warm and  thick to keep you warm on those colder days.



All our cashmere is ethically sourced from the native goat. Sustainable lines are vital and at the Scottish Cashmere
Company we only buy sustainable cashmere – sustainability is part of our DNA.

In the mills we remove the coarse hairs, called ‘ guard hairs’ and extract the finest fibres. Buy using only the finest long hairs, it ensures that our cashmere avoids pilling or ‘ bobbling’ which is produced when companies use the cheaper lesser quality cashmere.

Master Craftmanship

Britain. It is this craftmanship that sets our cashmere collection apart from other lines. We are proud of their skillset and we work with long-established mills who inspect by hand the cashmere at each stage of the process and whose family have done for generations.

By using unique Scottish master craftmanship, we ensure that all of our woven cashmere is passed over the heads of the dried teasel plant to tease out and align the fibre and
produce the finest finish.

British Brand

We have always been passionate being a British brand and are proud that our collections are “Made in Britain” and supports British Industry. Our cashmere collections are made in Scotland, we use natural dyes and we work very closely with the team to create a truly British Brand. Long live the British Brand.